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Got kidnapped

So I ended up getting kidnapped and made someone’s boyfriend this weekend. I've been seeing this wonderful girl Shauna that I met at work for a short while and after spending the last 2 days with her day and night we decided to become an official couple. I wasn't so much looking for a relationship as I was looking into having a few dates when it just sort of fell into place. If you were to ask me I'd say she is much too beautiful for me and that I'm lucky to have her. Honestly that’s her decision to judge me as a good looking man and I know that’s the decision she made before she asked me out. self deprecation aside we have enough in common to make things work and enough not in common to have stuff to debate about. I do like her a lot and I will be curious to see where this goes and may try to get an odd couple pic of the 2 of us later

Shauna and I went to the music store today and the two of us were looking at guitars today I think I can get a nice used one for like $200 ish which is about all I can handle right now with out some serious planning. she got like her 6th string replaced for a buck (hot girl discount) and I went home and tuned her guitar years of music training finally impress a girl.

Also the two of us watched American Idol on get this show tunes night something I know a little something about. I watched Dream the impossible dream and My Funny Valentine badly interpreted ( well Funny Valentine was done well just its not really a love song its about looking in the mirror) Bo sucked ass and should have spent more than 3 minutes looking for a song something from Oklahoma could have played well with his accent. But overall the Music teacher guy was my favorite.

All and all Though Shauna and Simon may have not liked the category I fell it makes the singers be themselves and they can’t hide behind a genre where they just emulate their heroes but they have to be themselves.

And in music and life thats what its really all about.

Well I'm off to have a home cooked vegatarian dinner with Shauna and play her a good version of Funny valentine
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