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My Jetsons Routine

So George gets fired for like the umpteenth time from Spacely sprockets and he's drinking some bourbon from a highball glass.. Jane comes in all high drama and threatens to go to her mothers like she always does. George gets up in a drunken rage starts shouting and spilling his drink. "Fine you cold fish get out I never loved you anyway"
"the only reason we got together was you had big tits and I had a nice car” And Judy you were an accident"

"I tired to make and honest woman of your mother too bad she doesn’t have honest employment"
"and while on the subject only whores had white hair when i was in school"
"and Elroy you little shit I spent all your college money at the casino" Your only hope of higher education is a sports scholarship too bad you have no hand eye coordination
Throws the glass
: Rosie comes over and cleans up
"and this piece of shit maid you got is just a spy to make sure I don' cheat on you
"don't worry about that you ruined sex for me you cold fish"
"fine go to your mothers in the car I bought"
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