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The questionare from okay amigo.com

I filled this out for the site but I'm gonna change a few answers cause tis funny

Age 26
Height 5' 7" I quess
Date of Birth 05/16/1979
Weight 170lbs. - 189lbs. Once again a good quess
Body Type Average
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Race/Ethnicity Latino/Hispanic
Education Level Technical/Trade School
Religion Non-Denominational or no give a shit
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Interracially Date Hell yeah! or that may be all I do
Relationship Status Never Married
Children No
Date Someone With Children Hell yeah!
Smoke No
Date Someone Who Smokes Hell yeah!
Do You Drink Yes
Date Someone Who Drinks Hell yeah!
Do you consider yourself a bitch/bastard Hell no!
Any Tattoos or exotic piercings Hell yeah!
How Important Is Sex Very.
Age Range You're Willing To Date & Cuddle Yes
Money Status Just Getting By
Housing House
Political Affiliation None
Registered Voter No!
Do you laugh or cry when you see a midget crossing the street Laugh
I view sex as... a healthy part of a monogamous relationship.
Times Per Week You Get Drunk: 3-4 Times
Do you use drugs No, but I used to!
Have you ever cheated on a lover? No!
How many sexual partners have you boinked (had sex with!) 6-10
What's your favorite fantasy? Video taping
Do you look at porn Shush
How far will you go on a first date Just a kiss
How far have you gone with anyone Shush
Favorite Colors Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black
Favorite Movie Genres Drama, Action, Comedy
Favorite Television Genre Comedy, Music Video
Favorite Music Genre Rock, Rap and Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Classic Rock
Favorite Indoor Activities Dancing, Music, Dining, Sex
Favorite Outdoor Activities Camping, Traveling, Hiking
Favorite Sports Bicycling, Bowling, Hacky Sack, Martial Arts

About Me
I'm a converted New Englander I've been here three years now but origionaly I'm from Texas. I'm a waitor cause I like going to work at noon and I'm overall silly and lazy.

Describe who you want to meet
I want to meet fun people esp. people who are looking to do stuff during the week cause thats when I have free time and want to go have fun.
In your own words, what's a successful relationship?
The love to have the Respect so you can have the trust.

What is your personal quote?
(sounds like barkin sounds)

What Turns You On?
long hair shapely women

What Turns You Off?
Getting stabbed

What's your pirate name?
Captain Shivins "n'garrr I be Shivin yee"
What can you do with a jar of peanut butter, a dog, and a lawn mower?

Honestly waste an entire day and here is why

Well the penut butter is more food in the housed than I typically keep so thats good stuff right there no buying food today. The dog and me can go play after I mow the lawn and the neighbors too F'n jek I like to cut a swath across his yard at the low level so he can cry when he come to complain the dog can attack him or protect me.

Describe yourself in five words
Silly lazy simple

What sound do you make when waking up?
Gah F*** (slaps the Snooze button)

What kind of hamburger are you?
I am the often over looked Burger with Avacado Jalapano's extra cheese no veggies and I'm cooked to a hot red center.

Who annoys you the most?
Radio commercials

My idea of a bad date includes
Dates where you can't communicate and it gets all boring

My idea of a good date includes
Dates where you just sit and yap about whats going on and you honestly enjoy each others company

Tell us about the last time you farted in a public space
Nothing worth telling here I fart at work all the time in the back room to mess with coworkers

Where do you see yourself 3 hours after you drink 4 shots of tequila?
Still at the bar I can handle Tequila very well wine is another story

What's your favorite body part and why?
Toss up between nice hips or a neck to nibble on.

Tell us a story involving yourself and a drunk person
gosh so many of my stories start off like that Umm last Cinco De mayo my friend Nick and I were drinking all day and at some point he decides to let me have some chewing tobaco I'm so drunk I forget this is a bad idea and next thing I know I'm barfing on the side of his truck and i had to get picked up by the roomie.

You're out partying with King Kong. What happens?
Firstly I want the big guy to step on my car so i can get a new one. after that what ever we can get away with till the cops show up.
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