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Of Work and Turduckens

I've been working way too much as of late many many hours spent at work and failing that in a bar. Often I've only really had one whole day off and i spend that at a friends house so we can play D&D all day and talk about stuff.

So thats why I have not been posting and that also why my myspace pic was so silly for so long ( no I'm not a furry) .. I asked a coworker to come chill with me Tomorrow i hope we can get a connection but hey lets see whats in the cards. Gonna do a little karaoke sing a little AFI maybe.(new fav)

In my obsessive little word I'm all about the Turduckin this is where you stick a chicken in a duck which you then stuff into a Turkey and cook all three and you get a tasty meal for a small army. I'm going to look into this and plan to give this a try Sunday during D&D so I can feed my friends and just once damnit we wont eat Chinese food. The Turduckin has risen.

After some research I found this.

Damnit its too hard for me to do alone. I'm so upset


but I can buy it pre prepared for an awsome pricetag but I'll get some friends to chip in.

perhaps i could just debone a few chickens to prepare.
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