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Of rumors and spell checker

Today at work a few things came up one was that some rumoers spread about a manager and two ladies i work whith having a three some. Legand ha it that I;m involved because I told storires about the manager showing up at the bar we ll go to. I'm honestly not sorry and its really not my fault to the honest the manager was drunk out of him mind and annoying the hell out of me that night. UI didn't even spill the beans first so fuck that.

More imporatantly i go to talk to this rad table tonight and we started talking about when you use a word processor how the little paper clip starts telling you that your grammor sucks. I just sit there and spill out all that I want to saw and the damn paper clip avatar tells me I basically suck.

"Thats a run on sentance"

well yeah Mr paper clip but it says all i want to say

I then play with it and i never get the sentance restructured to resemble proper English.

Some day it will all make sence especialy if I can get that paper clip to just write the story for me, chances are though I will fire the hell out of the paper clip and go straight to the puppy....till then you paper clip fucker spell my words for me.
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