Squiggy (gatologic) wrote,

Not Getting anything done

After a few weeks since losing my day job and my glasses things are starting to get back in order in my life. The world was a complete fog and a very depressing place while my nearsightedness took over. It was a bleak place but having a night job really helped me have things to do and not feel so lonely as all of my friends were very busy with the holidays. As much as I would have hoped that my part time job would have picked me up full tile that's not very likely to happen and I'll start the job search very shortly.

As much as I would have loved to tell you that I had caught up on housework or even on my novel I can tell you that I did none of that mostly I slept tillnoon on a regular basis. I have some ideas for the new job but mostly it will be chosen by location and compatibility with the part time job so as to make as much money as possible. I'm not mad at people for being very busy this time of year but at times it's a little lonely and its hard not to just take it personally. Mike C was who I spent new years with for the most part and the next day we made it out to see Walk Hard, I felt it was a fine comedy but I bet it's not for everyone.

Just today I saw A Bridge to Terabithia I loved this film. The movie is about being an outcast and coping with life, there were a few moments where I almost cried, had I been alone I just may well have. I'll be picking this book up very soon, the subjects of imagination friendship and the death of someone special are all covered. As yet another wonderful book that people want to have censored I almost have to pick this up then next I will get a copy of the Golden Compass books.

For my own creativeness I have been building and painting some models while I re imagine my novel from November, My other project about a private school for very gifted children and If you have not heard my homage screen play.

The Novel was to be a culmination of 5 years worth of fantasy work I had completed over the last many years all shook together no matter how unrelated my world building, poetry and short stories were. I wrote many thousands of words into this project due to the National novel writing month but I need to refine the scope and the plots of this novel.

The Second project was based on a strange dream I had were myself and a friend were going to a private school where magic was taught and we met very normal girls from a public school and we tried to impress them. After I woke up I spent a great deal of time thinking of how I could turn this into a more American and original piece of work. So I made the school about children who were psychic's and based it on the School my friend James went to for the level of tradition and for other wonderful details you just can't make up. I made the founders of the school the American forefathers from an alternative history were the war of American Revolution was one by mental powers not just our military tactics and perhaps the inability of England to send all her mighty forces. As for my influences here I went with my love of history and the old White Wolf Publications dark view of the world and the supernatural and my love of Coast to Coast AM.

The Screenplay is the most recent idea.

By homage I mean to lift the plot from a movie I love The Commitments, but I wanted it to be Hispanics living in Texas and even using those terrible Hollywood clichés from all the movies of the last 25 years. I was going to have the movie still be about a soul band and use the idea of a fat ugly guy as the lead singer, a catholic nun as the organ player, mariachi as the horn line and a guitar player named Fat Julio who is a round hombre who loves punk music. I plan to use all the bad lines and all the same Hispanic actors mainly it s a reason to watch a lot of movies and try and make something from the research. Basically I feel like the thing writes itself.

Sadly instead of all this I'm working on some stupid gaming stuff that's just going to be a throw away thing that's not going to do anything other than entertain a few buddies and waste a few Tuesday nights. It's a fun time waster based off of Warhammer.

Soon I will get back on track and I will finish a project.

Also getting to go back to karaokee and seeing Dave and Dani was wonderfull Oh yeah and Jess and the Zen crew was great too.
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